Small Waxed Cotton Canvas Tote Bag - Leather Handles

  • $25.00

Tiny, hand dyed waxed canvas tote bag has a lot of the same characteristics of a little gift bag expect that you can use this one over and over again - use it as a lunch bag, carry small projects...

This little tote is stiff because of the wax and this is how it holds its shape. The inherent stiffness and rigidity of wax canvas lessens with time and use.

The tote has veg tanned leather handles that are attached with rivets.

8" Height, 7" Width and a 4" depth


The following are points to remember when caring for waxed canvas.

1- For light cleaning, try washing dirt with water and a soft bristle brush.

2- For tough stains use bar soap, flaked soap or saddle soap. Do this only if necessary and on specific areas only.

3- This bag should not be dry cleaned. Dry cleaning will remove the wax.

4- This bag is not washable. Washing will damage your washing machine.