Waxed Canvas Crossbody w/ Canvas Drawstring insert - navy- Leather Strap

  • $90.00

Hand dyed waxed canvas cylinder with canvas drawstring lining.

Beeswax is embedded in these bags. They start off stiff - both the leather and the waxed canvas bag loosen up with use.

- lining has 1 simple pockets
- leather drawstring closure
- removable, adjustable leather strap

9" Height, approx 12" Width

Tips to Care for Waxed Canvas

1 - For light cleaning, try washing dirt with water and a soft bristle brush.

2 - For tough stains use bar soap, flaked soap or saddle soap.

3 - This bag should not be dry cleaned. Dry cleaning will remove the wax.

4 - This bag is not washable. The liner is washable.